La Conquete du Monde

Style, Class and Champions!

Sugar Boy Kwilifi

ImageThe second competitor has been signed to a contract today by La Conquete Du Monde, this time becoming the first African on the books of the adventurous new promotion.

Sugar Boy Kwilifi from Botswana is known for using his power and agility to pick up the victory and is known for having one of the most devastating submissions in the business ‘The Claw’. 


Col. Joseph Madden

ImagePro Wrasslin’ stalwart and champion bar brawler has put pen to paper on a deal to perform for La Conquete du Monde.

Col. Joseph Madden (41) made his debut in 1994 and is known for being one of the toughest athletes to step into the ring.

El Bongo Bruno Released

La Conquete du Monde today came to terms on the release of El Bongo Bruno as of today.

El Bongo Bruno

20120518-005807.jpgIt is with great delight we can announce the signing of our first wrestling attraction Mr El Bongo Bruno.

A well travelled superstar with quickness of a camel who is deadly when he comes off the bottom rope, he is sure to capture the imagination of fans all over the world.

Mr El Bongo Bruno was unable to comment as he is currently finishing the finals 10 days of a custodial sentence for tax aversion.

The Boys at Eaton Will Love This

Ding Dong I say, good evening to you all.

Errol here – well Jenkins is typing this out, but I’m of-course dictating as slowly so his fat little fingers can catch up.

Just a quick note to say you are all welcome to watch a presentation of professional wrestling in a few weeks if you don’t mind the smell.

I’ll be there, at the bar – please say hello.